Should we share everything with everyone?

Lately, I have done a little thinking. Not always a good thing I know. I started to wonder how safe the internet is. Are our privacy settings on social media really private from others? Do we really feel the need to share everything about our lives with strangers and bombard them with how ‘amazing’ our lives are? Is this the new age of living? I think I need to lie down, I am asking to many questions.

tumblr_noiow3XLs71s2bs4bo1_500I realised that the older I get, the less likely I am to care about what I frequently share on Facebook. I don’t need to update my status every five seconds or flood my page with photos of my son and husband. I honestly don’t need to. It’s nice for other family members that live far away and hardly see my son to know how he is getting on but I don’t need to do a daily update of his progress. By all means I am going to continue taking photos and filling hardback copies of photo albums with them, but I won’t be sharing everything on Facebook anymore. I feel that if anyone genuinely cares about what is going on in my life, they will ask or contact me directly. Have we as a generation gotten so lazy that it has become impossible for us to pick up the phone or god forbid arrange to meet up with someone face to face?

So what I have done is deleted a few albums off my Facebook and I now only intend to add the odd photo here or there. Maybe not even that, depends on how I feel. I will share certain bits of my life with the internet like my blog, Youtube and Twitter but I think I will keep personal details to a minimum. I enjoy vlogging and filming so will keep doing so, but I will keep certain things private. I won’t be uploading tons of photos or annoying narrative statuses. I think Facebook will slowly die out like Myspace did. Not sure when and it will be kind of a shame when it does but Facebook is only Facebook at the end of the day. The world will keep on turning and life will continue. Trust me. I did consider just deleting my Facebook all together but will keep it as it is how a lot of people now communicate with each other, that is if anyone actually bothers to communicate with me HA! Oh I could go into a long rant right about now but I won’t. I will breathe and be calm.

I agree it is hard to keep your own life private these days but I know it can be done. I like to call myself a mummy vlogger/blogger so do share certain aspects of my life with the world. I will try to just not go too overboard with it and keep certain things private, mostly photos. I do worry about sharing photos and if they could end up in the wrong hands. It’s creepy and disturbing to think about but it could happen. The world is not as safe a place as we all wish it could be.

I have also decided to not be so glued to my iPhone. When I have been around people of late, they have all had their faces stuck in their phones. I have a habit of sometimes forgetting my phone and so am left there looking like a lemon. But it made me realise that we rely so much on technology these days that we don’t realise we are missing the real thing. I love, love to take photos and film footage and often worry if I am living my life behind a lens. I have to step back sometimes and tell myself that there is no harm in capturing special moments, especially when you have a family. Just don’t let it be all you ever do. Don’t let your hand turn into your phone and be inseparable.

Phewww. That does feel a bit better to have off of my chest. Do I sound crazy? Or do you agree that it is pleasant to sometimes not be so obsessed with social media? By all means use it to promote your work, I do with my writing. Just maybe take a step back when it comes to the real stuff. I suppose at the end of the day it all depends on you as a person. If you are happy to share everything about your life with the world, then great for you. If not, then don’t feel pressured to. Share what you want, not what you think you should.

I am off to make some yummy spaghetti bolognaise with the husband and watch some Game Of Thrones. Have I just contradicted myself there? Probably? Blah!

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