Christmas In November?

Is it just me, or does Christmas slowly sneak up on us earlier and earlier each year? I swear that one day we will find tinsel and Christmas trees in every shop the whole year round. Christmas songs will be played continuously throughout the year until baubles come out of our ears. I fear I may sound like a Scrooge in this post; you know what I say to that? Bah Humbug!

I remember walking through a supermarket in the heat of summer looking for some ice lollies when I came across an aisle that was fully stocked for Christmas. I had to do a double take without falling on my butt. I slowly walked down the aisle in horror at the thought of eating a Christmas pud in this weather. I wanted to throw up when I saw a few people picking up boxes of mince pies and stacking their trolleys high with them. I could understand if they were on offer or even cheap but they weren’t, they were like everything else in the aisle, ridiculously expensive. Do we need to buy Christmas supplies this early in advance? Really? It was only August!

It got me thinking about why we feel the need to make Christmas last for as long as possible. It’s one day, one single day towards the end of the year yet, it finds itself stretching thin from August and well into January.  People are already watching Christmas films with their mince pies in their festive jumpers, its November! Is it all a marketing ploy, to get us the customers to spend as much hard-earned cash as possible on a holiday that comes once a year? The cynic in me says yes, the happy-go-lucky child in me says no. I can fully understand why people want to get in the mood early (ooh-er sounds a little naughty) I really do. Christmas is a joyful holiday, one filled with love, family, food presents, everything you could possibly want in a holiday. Everyone is happy and cheerful, it’s the one day of the year that you put everything aside and just bask in the warmth of life.

In our household we don’t do anything Christmassy until after my husband’s birthday because quite rightly so it’s his birthday, so it’s hard to get in the Christmas spirt with that in mind. Not complaining or anything as I do find it a bit too much to be getting in the festive mood when other holidays are yet to be celebrated. I honestly can’t enjoy anything to do with Christmas until December because I feel that I enjoy it more because I know it will only be 25 days away. I hate watching Christmas films if it’s not December, I just find it weird but that is me. I have nothing against anyone watching them throughout the year. Just I personally hate it. The only thing I do that can be seen as Christmassy early in advance is of course the Christmas present shopping. I do like to get that out of the way because it can be a nightmare! There have been years where it was a blissful thing to do, a bit of shopping have a coffee with friends and relax. But as the years have gone on it has been one of things I dread doing. People have gotten rougher and pushy in shops and especially with late night Christmas shopping, it’s like watching sharks smell the scent of blood in the water. Animals! Now we have a son I would hate to drag him out into the cold and put him through all of that. People can be so rude and even more so if there’s a bargain on.

As I was saying, if you are one of these people who enjoy doing Christmassy things any other month other than December, please, please enjoy it, for I will not! Good for you and bad for me. I like to keep my holidays to the month they are supposed to be celebrated, none of this early bird rubbish. That’s just me.

I am off to eat turkey dinosaurs and snuggle up in the burrow as it freezing this night.

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