The Serpent and the Apple

This is a crime novel I have been working on since my last year at university. I really should get round to finishing it. Anyway, have a read and let me know what you think in the comments. It’s not perfect but then again, nor am I. Enjoy!


June 6th 2006

As she rounded the corner with her son, she saw the face of death. His finger flinched on the trigger as he took aim. The bullet pierced her chest like scissors cutting paper. So quick she could feel darkens take over as she fell to her knees, looking down at her shirt she saw an oozing pool of red love which grew bigger by the second. It only took four rounds for the pair to be torn apart. The masked killer lingered before slithering away with his henchman as the woman looked for her son. She found him. His back was to her, his body still. He was gone. She desperately wanted to see his face, crying out in pain she called to him. He was silent. She saw that his half eaten apple had rolled into the gutter and thought that only moments ago he was enjoying life. The blood escaped faster as she struggled to breathe, reaching out her hand towards him she cried out again. The alleyway reeked with rot and decay, a tomb for the forgotten. Human inhabitants were only a few seconds away yet it took a lifetime to reach them. The boy became nothing more than a watercolour painting before her eyes, blurred and beautiful. Then everything went black as she felt herself falling and falling towards a white light. Cold hands and electric shocks tingled over her body as an odour of disinfectant filled her nose. Was this hell? She woke to the sound of her heartbeat. She screamed. She had survived.

 Chapter One

In the dim-lit corner of the café, Eve sat alone smoking a cigarette. She knew the owners well after sorting out a misunderstanding with the authorities a few months back. Her coffee lay untouched and cold. As she drummed her fingers on the table she wondered what was making her client so late, taking another drag she closed her eyes and breathed out slowly. A technique she often used when nervous. The café was half dead and that was how she liked it. Loud noises and constant chatter gave Eve a headache and if anything more, annoyed her. The waiter Polly scattered over to her and flipped out his notebook. Before he could say anything she waved him away and off he flew. As much as she adored the owners, she didn’t think much of their food. A father and son sat two tables away from her laughing. Bags of shopping surrounded their feet; she could tell it had been a productive day. The boy was playing with an action hero doll, making it fly around his father’s head. She smiled as for a moment she felt the sun on her pale skin and heard the crashing of the gentle waves. She remembered that day at the beach, where she taught him to build sand castles and collect shells. For a short period of time she had been happy. Eve didn’t need to look up to recognize the whiney voice that punched her ear.
“Well well, I knew we were destined to be together. And here we are” Eddy stood before her with his hands in his pockets. His faded black suit had a rather large stain down the front. Blood was never easy to wash off once it had settled. He took a comb out of his front pocket and ran it through his greasy blonde hair. Eve laughed to herself as he always reminded her of Miss Piggy; he was nothing more than a complete Muppet.
“I don’t understand. Why did Michael send his clown?” she tapped some ash into her cup.
“Hey, hey I’m no one’s clown. No ones you hear?” his short temper often got him into messy situations. “Anyway he’s on a job, so you get me detective” he said with a stupid grin on his face that revealed his gold tooth. He really was repulsing. Eve’s stomach felt sick as not only was this a waste of time but she felt like an idiot. To even agree to this meeting was absurd as she knew Michael’s character all too well. She would never trust him. “I don’t deal with fuck ups” Eve said trying not to vomit from his presence. “That drug business last year? I thought we had sorted that?” “You have. I haven’t. Where’s my money?” Eve blew smoke into his face as he forced the chair out from under her foot. “I don’t remember asking you to sit down Eddy”
“You haven’t changed a bit have you? Michael was wise to keep you at a distance” He snorted out a laugh through his porky nose and clicked his fingers at the waiter, yelling abuse about the service. Speak for yourself thought Eve; he was still as rude and obnoxious as ever. The father and son where now leaving, tipping the waiter with a smile and a polite thank you. They where too busy gossiping and replacing the dates on the sandwiches with tomorrows to notice this kind gesture. “Tell Michael that when he’s done fucking me about, then we can talk” Eve threw the rest of her cigarette into her coffee and got up to leave. He grabbed her bony arm, the past few years had not been her best. “Oh but I think you will be interested in this job Eve” he said breathing into her face. She pushed him back down into his chair. “I think you will be very interested” Eddy learned back looking smug; he could see the frustration in her eyes. “I’m not. I don’t work for anyone anymore but myself” she wished that Eddy’s large frame would cause the chair to collapse leaving him stuck and helpless like a cow in a cattle grid. She picked up her bag and headed towards the exit. “But this would be for you. Don’t be a fool Eve, I know you miss the old days” there was anger in his voice. She ignored him and reached for the handle. “It’s about your son!” Eve stopped and turned.
“We know who killed him”





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