Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy By Helen Fielding-Book Review

When news reached my bunny lop ears that there was going to be a new Bridget Jones book out, I was more than ecstatic. I am an enormous Bridgett Jones fan! Like most women, I feel I can relate to her though all the drama that comes with dating and being labelled a spinster. She was my go-to friend when I needed a giggle after a bad date, her and Ben & Jerry’s were my saviours throughout my dating life. A girl needs friends like that when venturing out on the lonely hearts boat.

I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book before I even got a copy in my paws. Unfortunately, most of it was bad. The only thing I knew about it for certain *SPOILER ALERT!* was that Mark Darcy was dead. Such a massive disappointment, I did feel so badly let down like any hard-core fan would. Bridget had spent the past two books lusting after Mark and trying to keep him, why would Fielding go and kill the main love interest! It’s ludicrous! But putting that aside I decided to at least give it a go. Besides, I had decided already that if it was as bad as it was meant to be, I would simply make up my own happy ending. Where Mark Darcy lives! I do love happy endings.

We find Bridget in her fifties and struggling to raise two children without her beloved Mr Darcy. Between scoffing bags of grated cheese in her face, we witness Bridget take to twitter where she finds herself re-entering the dating world with a toy boy and having important meetings for her script which will hopefully become a big upcoming blockbuster.

Bridget has come a long way from what we used to know her as, but that can be expected with age, marriage, death and children. It is bound to change anyone. She is still obsessed with her weight and trying to maintain some sort of normality to her life. There is still very much here the essence of Bridget Jones that Fielding has managed to retain; it is just missing a huge part of what we loved about Miss Jones’ world, Mark Darcy.

Overall the writing is commendable although not as good as the past two books, but makes for light reading. However I felt like at times I was just reading a completely different book, with nothing to do with Bridget Jones. I can appreciate knowing what happens after she gets married etc. but in a way feel that it should have been left alone or had Mark Darcy alive. I would have loved to have read about how Bridget dealt with married life, I felt as a fan it was owed to us to finally hear more of Bridget and Mark. Reading about Bridget dealing with everything alone was depressing, realistic as sometimes death can take away the ones you love, but not necessary. It felt like we weren’t allowed our happy ending were everyone skips off into the sunset. We were served a cold unpleasant dish of reality that we all want to escape from when reading a book. I’m sorry to say but you let us down Fielding, badly.

All in all I would say if you are a die-hard Bridget Jones fan, best forget this book was ever made. It’s just not the same without Mr Darcy. Why would you want anything less?

Think I will go and eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to stifle my disappointment.

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