To go home

You enter this world, with stale coffee
burning your tongue, the 141 carriage
is constantly battling with the tracks
blurs of trees and lakes coincide with each other
I remember what cows and sheep look like again,
this is of course the way of Devon. Home
I am but lost. So long has the city skyline
been in my sight, the polluted air running through my veins
the raging car engines in my ear, here there is silence
the slow chime of peace, trees are at ease with the breeze
leaves twirl and kiss the ground, later they will be racked
into a pile for wellington boots to jump into or kicked
high into the air, my eyes feel locked by the sunlight
they flutter open to see flakes of pastry littered in my scarf
my tongue finds a seed of strawberry rooted in my tooth
homemade food always brings that extra blanket to the picnic
the cobbled streets will teach my feet to walk again,
Butchers Row and the open market will host
cheese that will make me gag, fish
that will look me in the eye and meat
that hang upside down by its feet
my view takes a turn, I watch a couple bid goodbye,
a business man run for the train -slam into the closed doors
humiliation is a mask well-worn by those who accept it
passengers begin to shift their luggage,
old women natter about their day, how young Billy is doing
strokes of greens, browns, yellows, blues
paint themselves across the windows
I stumble onto the single platform, breathe in
the sky is that lighter blue, the air is that little bit cleaner
water tastes pure, I gorge at the beauty
this town is a banquet, my peace of mind

By Emma Jane Mackay

About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet/Reviewer/Bookworm/Gamer/Music Lover/Wife and Mother! I review and recommend books as I LOVE to read! I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming books to expand my ever-growing library. If you have something you wish me to read and review, please contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you. Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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