Netflix, a sweet blissful godsend

I have no idea where my husband and I would be if it wasn’t for Netflix. Hmmm maybe that sounds a little dramatic like our whole relationship is reliant on it. Let me try that again. Netflix has made our nights in a little more comfortable as parents, especially since we are parents who are constantly on a budget. There, much better.

If you are a parent, then you will completely sympathise with how difficult it is to get a moment of peace for yourself, let alone with your other half. Children are demanding little monsters. And yes, too right they should be, that’s their right as children. They are exploring this world with every ounce of energy and as their parents, we get hit with a laser beam that drains us dry with exhaustion and by the end of the day we just want to collapse into bed and sleep for 5 whole undisturbed minutes before the whole process starts again. We have been lucky with Cabbit at night. He will only tend to wake up once or twice and falls quickly back asleep again. Before this our nights were spent like zombies, wandering from room to room trying to soothe him to sleep. We had no routine and for a while it was a waking nightmare of screams and cries from both parties. Now he has settled a little we can put more time aside for us as a couple, whether it’s cooking in the kitchen whilst dancing to music or playing beat ‘em ups together. Being able to do things on a budget with a little one is extremely difficult, especially when we have no babysitter on hand. So, our only choice is to stay in at night or drag our son out of his warm bed to tag along with us. Of course we don’t do the latter; we make the most out of our situation which is when we came across Netflix.

We started the free trial a few years ago but never continued with it as at the time our money was literally peanuts. Now we are in a slightly better financial position (although still not amazing) we have been able to dedicate that £7 a month to movie paradise. My husband and I are big movie fans so it only seemed right that we should give it a try (not to mention that there’s a plethora of children’s movies and series on there for those last resort situations with Cabbit-we try to keep him active). It’s perfect, given our situation. We can put our son to bed, cook dinner together and snuggle down with a film. It saves us money on buying more films to watch and also expands on films we haven’t seen. Don’t get me wrong, there is a limited choice of films and it’s not like Blockbusters with the latest new releases. God I miss blockbusters! But it has helped in letting me and my husband set a routine down of us spending some alone time together. So in my opinion it is a godsend!

My husband and I have a strong relationship and have already been through a lot together. I am strong believer in love and making time for your partner, although I don’t see it as a chore. We just love spending time together, alone and as a family. It gets a whole lot harder trying to do this when your child wants your undying attention 24/7, but we are getting there. I think we are lucky that we get to spend as much time together as a couple as we do; we just enjoy each other’s company. Ok, I will stop sounding like part of a smug married couple. It’s not like we have matching t-shirts…yet…

I hope dear readers you don’t now think that all we do together is watch films. We do other stuff like play board games, listen to music and such but when it comes to wanting to relax together and just shut off for a while, it’s a movie choice. Lately we have been watching a butt load of horror movies; there is some really absurd rubbish out there its almost laughable.

I’m off to nibble a chocolate éclair, read a bit more and sip my tea before my son decides to wake up. So happy I have tea again! I went a whole week without it because we forgot to buy milk! It was a NIGHTMARE!

Hop hop, wiggle wiggle.

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