Packing for a journey with a little one

As I dance around in my Nirvana t-shirt listening to CAKE in a glorious contradiction of genres, I can’t help but feel excited at the thought of me and my little family going on our first road trip to Northampton. It has been years since I have seen any of my extended family and we thought that now Cabbit has arrived it was the perfect excuse to load up and pootle on up there to say hello.

You have no idea how deliciously good it feels to be able to say we have a car! For soooooo long, many of our journeys have been in/on that annoying itch on your butt that is public transport. We have all been there, cramped conditions not dissimilar to sardine tins, that strong odour of urine lingering in the air and the cherry on top of this rancid, sickly belgian bun, babies screaming galore. It’s easy to see why people despise public transport when you think about it. But alas it has been our lifeline while we have been off road, but now thankfully from our chocolate stars above we have generously been gifted a second-hand family car. It’s perfect! That feeling of being able to go wherever you want with just you and your loved ones. No more standing in the rain at the bus stop wishing to meet Totoro or making that dash to the last seat. Now it’s as simple as leaving your front door and taking a few steps to the comfort of your own vehicle. So much more practical with a little one too, if you have children you know how much of a nightmare it can turn into to get from A to B.

We have discovered as parents that packing for a family requires much thought out planning. No more can I just leave it last-minute and throw in thousands of clothes for a few days, accompanied by half of the contents of accessorize catalogue (much to my husband’s delight). Now I am a little more sensible, well I like to think I am. We make lists *Does silent sinister smile* I have found a new love with making lists, using colourful gel pens, drawing little stars as bullet points and the most enjoyable part, being able to put a big tick next to things when they are done. It has definitely made a difference in our organization skills; we are more than prepared for anything and as you know with children that’s always a good thing. You can never truly know what will occur when you are setting out, the most simple of things like tissues or a first aid kit tend to slip your mind. Hopefully not for us as we have the power of the list! *Go go power rangers!* (I hear my husband screaming “BLUE!” from the other room).

Standing back for a moment admiring our handy work at packing, I think we do a pretty good job. Pretty damn good I might add. Our dear Cabbit has his own little suitcase filled with a handful of toys, clothes, books, nappies, you get the picture. Anything he needs, it’s packed. Then there’s mine and my husband’s suitcase with our clothes and essentials. Can’t forget clothes! Clothes are important! And of course little bits and bobs like drink and snacks for the journey. I think it is always better to pack that little extra, carry a little more weight and not have to worry than be in a situation where your kind of, well flap-jacked.

I do hope I can help my husband with directions and map reading; it’s not my greatest skill. I have done it once successfully when we trying to find our way to a garden centre but that was only a few miles from home. This journey is a little more complex than that. We will be dammed if we are getting a SatNav, evil things that spam the face of the earth (unless we can be proven otherwise). We love to listen to music! Can’t listen to music with a stupid woman going “At the next roundabout, take the third exit” and besides half the time they lead you down a dead-end.

Sadly I must get on dear readers, still need a few final details to add to our packing. I hope you all have a fantastic day! I wish I was sitting by the sea with a cider in hand watching the sun set with hubby but alas I am here with messy hair, coated in baby food and drinking cold tea (yuck)

Here’s some CAKE to make it all better ^_^

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