Children Of The Future

I never thought I would hear myself say the classic phase, “Back in my day…” Am I getting old? I’m only 24, married and have a son.  Most people don’t get married till their late 30’s! Wow! The past few years has gone by ridiculously fast, like a hamster running so super-fast on his wheel that he loses control and goes round and round.

Anyway, as I was saying. I never thought I would be saying things like “I didn’t have things like that when I was a child” It’s scary when I see a five-year old child with a shiny new iPhone or the latest expensive gadget clutched in their tiny paws. Or what’s even worse is when they are dressed head to toe in baby gap while I’m going crazy over £5 t-shirts in Primark! Since when did children become more fashionable than us adults? Not that I aim to be fashionable, I have my own style. It just worries me when I see children going on 30. Where’s the innocence? The fun? I would never buy my son something like an iPad at such a young age. I would rather he played outside with his friends, enjoying his childhood and not going square-eyed after hours a day glued to a screen. I know that times are changing and there are certain things such as educational games that can help children but why does everything have to go futuristic? Why are we learning off a flat screen? Are we becoming that lazy that we can’t be bothered to educate our children that we get a robot to do it for us?

I really hope I don’t spoil my son; I would love him to learn to appreciate the small things in life and be passionate about what he loves. I don’t want him to grow up relying on technology, after all technology can break or run out of batteries. I would love him to have a childhood, playing swords with sticks, jumping in puddles and covering the fridge with his artwork. These children with the iPhones and a catwalk look aren’t embracing the small few years they have as children. They are trying to be like mummy or daddy, all grown up and attached to an electric device. Do we blame the parents? Or do we blame today’s ever growing media?

Too many questions, not enough answers! I need a hot chocolate and a lie down!

About Bunny's Pause

Hello, I'm a Author/Poet/Reviewer/Bookworm/Gamer/Music Lover/Wife and Mother! I review and recommend books as I LOVE to read! I am always on the lookout for new and upcoming books to expand my ever-growing library. If you have something you wish me to read and review, please contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you. Hop hop wiggle wiggle
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