Recovering From A C-Section

Empty faces voicing their concerns surrounded me at every turn. Bright lights, cold hard surfaces and instruments of pain welcomed me into hell. I never thought I would have an emergency C-Section. But these things happen. In the blink of an eye, the labour you had planned out is stripped apart, put on a drip and wheeled into theatre with your bare behind on show for all to see.

It will take 6 weeks for me to fully recover and possibly longer to even start feeling like my old crazy self again. I am to do no bending or lifting, take it easy and not push myself with walking. They sent us home with some injections that Rob had to inject in my leg for several days to help reduce the chance of blood clots, not fun, I have seven little bruises from where he did it. I am to keep my fluids up, eat healthy, clean my wound every day and try to do gentle, non-strenuous walking when possible. It’s so strange going from being pregnant to having to take another couple of months to recover. I thought when my Son was born that that phase of being helpless was over with. It just goes to show you can never plan these things, no matter how much they harp on you about a birth plan, babies never follow a plan!

In those first few days I felt utterly helpless, I wanted to be a mother to my new-born baby but struggled to get out of the hospital bed, even with assistance. I didn’t feel like a new mum. I wanted to be up and about tending to my baby but instead I was made to stay in bed and watch on helplessly. I couldn’t even breastfeed without being in pain; they kept a needle in my hand with tubes in case I needed to be attached to a drip. They forgot to remove it no matter how many times I pleaded with them as it made breastfeeding that extra bit harder. Getting into a good position with impossible as my wound was still painful. It was horrible and I was sick of midwives telling me how easy it was. I had JUST had a bloody C-Section, I couldn’t move, let alone feed my baby and they were criticising me at every turn. No sympathy whatsoever. I couldn’t wait to leave; I nearly came to blows with one of the midwives it was that bad.

Before we escaped, they told me to keep on wearing my glamorous pair of flight socks throughout the six weeks of post C-Section healing, or as one of the midwives said; until I am moving around as much as I was before.  The socks are a nightmare to get on with when I can’t bend, so my amazing husband has the task of helping me like I’m an invalid.

Trapped wind is a bitch! Honest to God, the trapped wind I have been suffering with is worse than labour. It will strike at any given moment making me bend over double in pain and screaming bloody murder. Peppermint tea, a heat pad and walking around seemed to ease the pain a little but my God it’s a pain in the arse! I can’t wait to poop and fart like a normal person again. Oh the joys of bowel movements. I have been told it happens because when they perform the C-Section, air gets into your system, something like that. After all the medical talk I have heard within the past week my brain just goes fuzzy with information overload.

I have been doing my best not to push myself but it’s really hard when all I want to do is have my life back, complete with Cabbit. So the other day the three of us decided it was time for a little family outing into town. The walk there went well, not too much pain, walked at a good pace and Cabbit was fast asleep all cosy in his PURPLE (AMAZING!) pram. We went round a few shops, treated myself to a Jurassic Park T-shirt in Primark; £6!!! As soon as we started to head home, the heavens opened up. I have never been caught in such a storm before, it was unreal; my hat blew off and got run over. Lucky for me my husband recused it. There was even a bit of thunder and lightning, by then we already had the rain cover on the pram to protect Cabbit. thank god. He slept through the whole thing! Only when we got home into the warm did he start to stir!

I can’t wait till my 6 weeks are up and I feel like a normal person again, I really hope it doesn’t take any longer than that to recover. It hurts to cough, sneeze and laugh. I  just want my body back! Yes, I am aware that I am moaning but I have been through hell! Well worth it to have Cabbit here safely in the world, just be nice to be able to spend time with my family and not be in pain!

Throughout this whole experience I have to say a huge thank you to my loving husband. He has been there for me day and night and not once complained about the extra strain he has undertaken (and I can tell how shattered he is running around after the pair of us like Taz!). I don’t know what I would do without him; he has seen me at my worst and still calls me beautiful daily. When Cabbit is crying and I struggle to get up he is first there, changing his nappy, comforting him to sleep. I love you Panda, forever & always ❤ ❤ ❤


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2 Responses to Recovering From A C-Section

  1. meagancnrd says:

    Oh, my dear. Your post was bittersweet. All 3 of mine were c-sections, and you are completely and 100% correct–it’s such a difficult task to rest and recover when all you want is get up and be with your baby. Congratulations on the arrival of Cabbit (darling name!) and well done!! Let your wonderful husband care for you, let your body rest, these first few weeks will fly past. You will be on your feet again, soon. So loved reading your post and seeing the pictures. 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t know what I would have done without my husband, he is amazing! I feel so lucky to have him. I’m into my 2nd week and still suffer from trapped wind! Wish it would go away, so painful! Slowly getting better, I know its all worth it when I hold Cabbit in my arms and see him smiling at me 🙂

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