Is It Time To Give Brith Yet? (36 Weeks)

Only four more weeks until due day. Four. Weeks!!! Now, that might sound like not long to you, but saying that to a pregnant woman is not a wise thing to do, “Not long off now” you have no idea how slow the seconds, minutes, hours tick by. So.Slow. Can I give birth already?

There reaches a bit in pregnancy where you just want to hold your baby. You are sick of being pregnant all the time, not having the energy to do anything and waddling around feeling bloated and pain stricken all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I am overjoyed that I am pregnant; I just wish at times the proccess wasn’t so draining and didn’t take 9 months. I keep getting hip pain, acid reflux, toothache, it feels like my body is slowly falling apart! For example, today we went on a mission to find Stollen Cake to bring to Rob’s grandparents for Christmas day. The walk into town takes about five minutes but after reaching the end of our road I felt like I had run a marathon! I hate being cooped up in the house and want to walk about but it just leaves me gasping for air like some mad woman. Each day it keeps getting harder but I have to remind myself it’s all worth it. I really need to stop moaning. Although I think with what we women go through we have a right to moan. 9 whole months of our body undergoing dramatic changes and feelings. We should be awarded gold medals although I would happily settle for a chocolate fountain. Really want to stick my head under one like Geraldine does in The Vicar Of Dibly! nomnomnomnom HEAVEN!

There are moments where I do enjoy pregnancy, like when I am talking to Cabbit and he kicks back or if Rob places a hand on my bump he will respond.  Pure happy, joyful moments where we both look at each other and just know that we were meant to be. Ok, ok I will stop with the soppy romantic stuff before you hurl up your mince pies.

We have pretty much everything sorted for his majesty’s arrival, only a few more little bits and bobs to get. It’s such a strange feeling, excited and scared. I just want to meet our baby and show him the world, really can’t wait! Although I would like it if he decided to make his appearance after New Year’s. Safer to get Christmas out of the way first I think.

I’ve also come to realise that I really adore the smell of baby products, like talcum powder or bubble bath. It just smells so lush. I love it! Yes, feel free to give me a raised eyebrow look.

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