Take me to the land of fruit and veg!

I love the smell of flowers and fresh fruit. There’s nothing more wondrous for the senses than to visit a garden centre. I was lucky enough to have that opportunity today as Rob’s family took me out for lunch to Garson’s in Esher.  Rob had told me stories of this place, of how as a child he would go to the farm to pick strawberries and raspberries in the summer. Cute.I felt extremely privileged to visit this breath-taking wonderland.

We were greeted at Garson’s by a very scary fellow, a T-Rex baring his teeth as he roared. A strange attraction I thought to have at an entrance to a garden centre but I am a lover of dinosaurs so thought it was perfect. We had a quick a look around before sitting down for some much-needed lunch. I had some cheesy pasta with veg and potatoes, very healthy for me and baby I thought and it tasted good. Not amazing, but definitely had the homemade factor which made it feel cosy. The only disappointing thing was the tea, weak and over-priced. The teabags were called Tea-pigs which I thought was an awesome name but just a shame it left you thinking it was made by pigs. After food we took another leisurely stroll around looking at all the plants and flowers. They had their Christmas stuff up already which wasn’t a surprise as people these days can’t wait to celebrate Christmas and move it further forward each year.  We ended up in the farm shop were my eyes wanted to jump out of their sockets at all the colour and variety that was before them. It smelt divine and I could have stayed in there forever looking at all the different types of fruit and veg, some I have never even heard of. It was fruit and veg heaven.



All in all, a lovely, relaxing day out. I am now snuggled up in bed as the pregnancy has decided to take me hostage for the night and make me feel like utter pooh! Not great but I have a loving husband who looks after me, how he puts up with me I don’t know! Especially when I keep nagging at him about how much I want to make apple pie! PIE PIE PIE!


I like pie…..

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