At the end of the day, are we really all just sheep?

I had a thought the other day; thoughts are scary things when people assume you don’t think too much, or so I’m told. My thought was this, if I buy something that’s in fashion purely based upon the reason that I like it and has nothing to do with the fact that it’s labelled ‘fashionable’, does that mean I’m following fashion like a lost lamb? Am I shedding my black wool and replacing it with a thick fluffy white one?

It confused me as I’m sure it’s confusing you now as you read this, but how do we set apart the people who follow fashion religiously from the ones who simply buy it because they actually like it. A few years ago having an enormous bag that you could fit the whole of your house in was all the rage. I like having a big enough bag to fit all my stuff in; I’m a writer so I carry books, notepads, pens and all sorts, just in case inspiration hits me; therefore I need a reasonably large-sized bag. But no sooner had I purchased a bag big enough for all of this, than it was assumed by people that I was following the latest trend. This was a nightmare for me as I like to be seen as an individual and not someone who copies the latest trend because it appeared in a magazine or an overpaid, dull-witted celebrity is wearing it.

Who sets the fashion rules of what is hip and not? Designers? Celebrities? Why can’t we choose for ourselves what we want to wear? Why do we have to be told by others to jump on the bandwagon? Have we no individual thoughts of our own these days? What some people call fashion others consider road-kill yet they feel pressured into liking it because everyone else is screaming from the hills about how marvellous it is.

It boggles and befuddles the mind at how we as human beings have so much variety and colour in the world yet we seem to follow what everyone else does. Not everyone but most of us. It can be said the same for music, films and T.V. shows. Certain people only listen to certain music because their friends do and they believe it is ‘cool’. If they genuinely liked it for their own personal taste then good on them but you can guarantee that half the time it’s because they feel like they should like it because it’s ‘Normal’.

Which begs to question what is ‘Normal’? A topic for another day I think.

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