The art of overhearing other people’s lives

So much to do and so very little time to do it. Wedding on Monday and there are only a few bits and bobs left to sort, no stress or hassle just general stuff like hair.

While Rob went off today to get his hair bleached I ventured to a different hairdressers (one that is not ridiculously priced) to see about getting a trim as my hair was starting to look like big foots little sister.  I ended up in Supercuts. I walked in up to the receptionist and was suddenly back where I was a few weeks ago at the GP. She was chatting away to her friend, tapping her nails on the desk and chewing gum in the most arrogant way possible. I never try to stereotype people but I’m starting to now with receptionists. She finally noticed I was waiting and made a poor attempt to do her job. She told me that at Supercuts you don’t need to make an appointment, you just show up and wait to be seen, fun. Nothing I hate more than sitting around waiting for God knows how long. I smiled and said “Ok” and went to sit with the other poor souls who had decided to take a chance on getting a cheaper haircut.  Some were pretending to read the outdated magazines while others were twiddling their thumbs looking ready to dash out the exit ninja style. I played on my phone and moaned to Rob about the wait. It’s always fun to share the moan. After an eternity of listening to the bad pop music and wondering if I was going to miss my own wedding, I was finally seen too. The woman who cut my hair was lovely and was telling me about her own wedding, they only had 12 people and then all went to Brighton for the day. It made me smile to know that everyone has their own perfect idea of their dream day and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. She gave me a great cut and it made up for all the waiting. I always love the feeling you get after a haircut, I feel fresh and lighter. Like I am Wonder Woman and can do anything. Yes, I get all that from a haircut *sticks tongue out* I am fabulous!

With my hair sorted I made my way to Wilkinsons as we need cake tins for our wedding cake. Me, being the most amazing baker in the world will be making our wedding cake. Three tiers of Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake with chocolate fudge icing and mini chocolate doughnuts going around each base, yes lots of CHOCOLATE!  With the cake tin found in I headed for the tills where I was greeted with more members of staff chatting away. This time about whether or not they have seen Game Of Thrones and if it was as big a deal as everyone says it is. I do enjoy these snippets of other people’s lives but sometimes I do want to just be served so I can leave and continue on with my life, rather than stand around listening to who is the hottest Dr Who companion.  Sometimes, just for fun I join in their conversations. Their shocked faces in response to me reminding them that I am still there is more than satisfying.  I did the same today at the post office over a conversation about Eastenders, whether Kat and Alfie will get back together or not. Of course they will, they can’t think of any other better storylines than making them on and off with each other. It is fun to mess with people’s heads *maniacal laughter*

On with the wedding planning, no good me sitting here going on and on. I have a cake to bake!

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