RAWR I’m A Dinosaur!!!

Yesterday, my Dad, Rob and I had the privilege to visit Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park. As a child I was taken to Combe Martin often and loved the wildlife and dinosaurs. On the way home in the car I always used to pretend that T-Rex from Jurassic Park was chasing us. Happy days.


As soon as we arrived there, the children started piling in and strangely enough I didn’t seem to have a problem with them. Usually I hate being around children, I roll my eyes and grit my teeth looking for the nearest escape route. But today was different. Today I thought ‘That will soon be me and Rob, a little family.” Even as we sat down in the café to feast on burgers and chips the noise level did not seem to concern me. Maybe I have grown up a little or have accepted that fact that children are loud and love to run around bumping into you. Or maybe, just maybe it might have something to do with the fact that I am soon to be a mother and have no choice but to put up with children now. But anyhow, I did worry about some of the children as they seemed to be wandering off away from their parents and getting dangerously close to the animals with sharp claws and teeth. There was this small boy who went right up to a huge pelican who could have easily attacked him with his razor-sharp beak. And where was the mother? Back turned and having a fag by a no-smoking sign. How do I know this? The boy went running up to her shouting “Mummy Mummy look at that big bird” the mother simply turned away looking bored and continued to smoke. Disgusting how some parents are and set bad examples for their children.


I never knew what cute noises otters made until yesterday. They were almost like guinea-pig noises, high-pitched whining. So adorable, I wanted to take one home badly.


I would definitely recommend Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park to ANYONE! We saw, wolves, lions, meerkats, monkeys, raccoons, penguins, sea lions, owls, otters all sorts and not forgetting the dinosaurs! There are talks on a variety of the animals, all free and interesting. Only at the Lion talk did we not hear much information as we were looking at the lions who were lazily lounging around at the end of the cage furthest away from the talk while the guy giving the talk was at the other end. He didn’t try very hard to get them to move so more people could see them, he showed them a bit of meat and that was it. Maybe he thought the lions were too fat and needed to go on a diet?

Overall, a great day out. I can’t wait to take our child there when they are old enough. It’s also an excuse to see the big models of the dinosaurs again. And maybe when no one is looking steal an otter or two.



Here’s the link for Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park website.


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2 Responses to RAWR I’m A Dinosaur!!!

  1. not sure why some things strike one as quite humourous, but this is a great photo.

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