The Outdoor Cinema Experience (16 Weeks)

I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening then camped in a field with food, blankets, family and loved ones watching a film on a humungous screen. Last night I experienced going to the cinema outside. I have only ever heard about these events but never had the opportunity to go until now. We saw a screening of The Gladiator, a film I have seen so many times I never tire of it at Shepperton Studios.


As soon as we arrived we set up a ‘base camp’, it wasn’t too busy and there were no annoying heads obstructing my view. I may have eaten a bit too much than I could handle, but when cakes and yum-yums are passed under your nose, you just can’t help yourself. I also have the excuse that I’m pregnant and it’s for baby, which was countered with “Of course, it’s not for you at all”… Sarcastic much.

About halfway through the film, fear struck me as I desperately needed to pee. I would rather chew off my own hand than use a port-a-loo as every experience I have had with them has been disgusting. But being pregnant and having drunk a lot of juice I HAD to go, I plucked up the courage and did the pee dance to the chamber of doom. As soon as I opened the door, I was amazed. It was the most extravagant port-a-loo I have ever seen. Laminate floors, no eye blinding lighting, nice clean sinks with expensive looking hand-wash and hand lotion and three huge toilets, all smelling lemony fresh. I was so shocked I nearly fell down the stairs! I doubt I will ever come across a posh port-a-loo again. I salute you, outside-toilet heaven.

I definitely enjoyed myself and realised that it wouldn’t have mattered what film was showing, I still would have enjoyed myself. It’s the people that make the experience in my opinion.

I do wonder what all the sheep were thinking in the field behind us. They must think we humans are strange weird folk to all gather in front of a big screen and stare at it for hours. To be in the mind of a sheep, I bet that’s interesting…

About Bunny's Pause

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